If you have ever experienced the video call scam, then you probably know what to do next. Scam artists know that if you let them get away with it, you may never come back for more. It’s just too bad that these types of companies don’t even care if you’reContinue Reading

Phishing attacks have been used for a long time, but it has just recently become a common tool for cyber criminals to use to acquire access to another person’s personal information. In fact, most phishing attacks happen when the target is using the internet. There are several ways for themContinue Reading

What is a phishing attack? Phishing is the illegitimate attempt to gain sensitive information, including credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, from unsuspecting internet users. The most common type of phishing attack uses a fake email, fake website or even a fake antivirus application, designed to trick users into providingContinue Reading

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There are three categories of cyber security threat that almost every industry faces. Corporate digital security is one of the largest and most important cyber security threats today. And this issue isn’t just seen in large corporations. Small companies can also fall prey to cyber attacks as well. As such,Continue Reading

Cybersecurity is an ever evolving field. There are multiple types of cyber attacks and defense strategies. Businesses face a variety of cyber threats today, including employee theft, digital fraud and identity theft. Additionally, cyber criminals use the Internet, email, instant messaging, and social media to commit crimes. To keep yourContinue Reading

cyber security solution is defined as an integrated set of technological, operational and ethical issues that addresses the overall prevention, investigation, detection, and response to cyber attacks. Cybersecurity solutions are designed to give end users a safe environment for securely accessing business information, safeguarding it from both virtual and physicalContinue Reading

The cyber security solutions guarantee protection against online security threats, including identity theft, spam attacks, spyware and malware attacks, scams and other Internet harassment. These include all sorts of online attacks aimed at a particular individual or company such as phishing, the sending of viruses, spoofing emails and hacking intoContinue Reading

Cyber Security Solution (CSS) was established to train people in the basics of cyber crime and digital evidence so that businesses and government agencies can provide robust protection to their business, personal information, and financial assets. It covers the physical, online and digital aspects of cyber crime such as phishing,Continue Reading