How To Protect Your Company From The Dangers Of Cyber Security

The global marketplace for Cyber Security is expected to grow at twelve percent per year and will reach over $ 135 billion in just ten years. This fast pace of growth has made the United States the cyber security capital. According to a recent report by McKinsey, cyber security threats have grown in such a way that it now rivals oil, natural gas and gold production. Therefore many entrepreneurs are exploring venture capital markets to raise funds for their start-up cyber security businesses. However, there are very few private funding sources available to assist budding cyber security companies. A number of private investors and venture capitalists are simply not interested in funding cyber security companies because of the highly obvious security risks associated with such a complex technology / industry. Read More About 몸캠피씽

It is ironic that cyber security is an area that receives such a negative response from those trying to protect the United States from cyber threats. The U.S. defense department is spending millions of dollars a year to protect our government infrastructure from cyber attacks and infiltration. However, what is often not mentioned is that cyber criminals and nation-less hackers already have the same access to sensitive data as the military and law enforcement agencies do. Unfortunately, many politicians and bureaucrats are busy condemning cyber security legislation, such as the Cyber-Intelligence Sharing Act, or CISAA, as unnecessary cost and intrusiveness, when in reality such legislation is needed to protect U.S. corporations from cyber security threats. In fact, cyber security experts agree that CISAA could make existing cyber security threats worse by encouraging companies to share private information about their customers, which could enable cyber criminals to obtain access to the encrypted data.

In other words, cyber security is not about locking up computers, it’s about securing the actual networks themselves. Private security firms must create an infrastructure to manage cyber threats in cyberspace. That means no one company can assume the sole responsibility for protecting its networks. However, such a responsibility could be transferred to a more competent entity if the current security architecture of a corporation was flawed. A recent study conducted by IBM’s Institute of Business Value found that 75 percent of the largest corporations experience some type of cyber attack.

A cyber security solution can only work if businesses trust their IT leadership to solve these challenges by creating an infrastructure to detect and prevent attacks on their networks. Otherwise, cyber criminals and other would-be cyber attackers will simply leap from one vulnerability to another, infecting even more computers at the Fortune 100 organization before they’re detected. Additionally, businesses must have a way to respond to these attacks. That means that multiple teams must collaborate to isolate the threats, develop countermeasures, and mitigate or remove the threat once it’s been eliminated.

One of the most effective countermeasures is called zscaler. Zscaler is a patented technology designed to stop cyber attacks from running successfully. It works by monitoring network traffic to determine the types of data that are passing through an infected computer. Once the scanning is done, the computer sends an email to a dedicated team to analyze the information.

By using the advanced threat protection features in Windows 7, users can create a secondary email address that is separate from the primary email account. This new secondary email address serves as a place for important documents and other digital content to be backed up so that the files can be easily retrieved in the case of an emergency. It also makes creating strong passwords for the digital assets of the company much easier because it automatically generates strong passwords for the most commonly used online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

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